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The Private Offer:

Immersion 1:1 coaching with Dr. Jenny

This is for you if:

You're ready to reclaim yourself and the life you want to live, and you would like some support and mentorship on the journey!

You're fairly self-led but like to have someone to help with insight, answer questions, and walk this journey with you!

You are totally open to the idea that you really do have so much control over your life, that you can create so much change in your life, and you just may not always know which way to go.

This is NOT for you if:

You want someone to hold your hand and give you all the answers.

You want someone to do the work FOR you.

You really don't believe that you can create change in your life, or you like to blame everyone else for your current situation.

What is included?

There are actually 3 different levels of private coaching available (see the graphic below):

The full Private Offer includes the highest level of support, including weekly calls and access to all the programs, as well as the Mastermind for additional support and sisterhood (quarterly retreats, bi-weekly group calls, group Voxer chat).

The LITE version includes all of the above except only only call per month for those who want the support but don't feel the need to have weekly calls.

The VOXER version includes full access to VOXER for those who want the continual support but feel complete without the rest.

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Want to chat with me about whether private coaching is right for you?

We guarantee that if you show up and lean in to your transformation, you WILL see results. As such, there are no refunds but we will deliver our services with full integrity and love.



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