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Are you ready to get very intentional about creating the life you want?

The Intention Collective is all about intentionality. In a world where so many of us have been living in survival mode, dreaming of something different... what happens when we start being extremely intentional about moving from survial mode to creating something different for ourselves? Whether you desire a full new reality or just feeling better where you are, INTENTION is the key to THRIVING!

Said differently, intention is the key to healing our burnout, for good!

The Intention Collective is for you if:

You are very ready to move from surviving to thriving, and you're willing to try to see things differently.

You aren't quite sure where to start but are more than ready to jump in!

You are self-led and recognize that you can create change in your life now, you just desire some direction about next steps.

The Intention Collective is NOT for you if:

You're still blaming your boss, your career, your business, your life, your partner, your bank account, etc as the reason why you're feeling stuck or burned out.

You want someone to do the work for you, or to hold your hand every step of the way.

You want overnight results (you didn't get where you are overnight, it will take some time- although likely not as much as you think!- to feel changes).

But what is the Intention Collective?

A monthly challenge membership- we have a different area of focus each month with weekly tasks to help provide focus and intentionality in life.

A weekly module and a weekly Q&A session to support you on your journey, as well as a celebration call at the end of each month to celebrate your progress!

Access to all previous months (topics include boundaries, self-care, freedom, trauma healing, and more).

The Intention Collective is here for you if you're ready to get started and you desire help with specific steps along the way. It's a monthly membership, so you can come for one month or many (cancel anytime!).

If you desire more support, you can go to (the Lit Up Life Mastermind also includes access to the Intention Collective).

Please note that this is a challenge, in the sense that it is a self-led experience where we are here to support you in reclaiming yourself and the life you want to live. If you lean in, if you do the work and show up, you WILL see results. As such, there are no refunds but you can cancel at any time!



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